What is the importance of Building Mobile Friendly & SEO Friendly Websites?

Today the world is all set to go mobile and most of it is even looking at their smart phones just to buy their hair bands. Yes, the world is dependent on their respective smart phones right now. And, talking about businesses, they have also become too dependent on the internet to buy the stuff that they are looking for. And this clearly refers to the fact that it is quite important for websites to become user-friendly. But is it enough?

Your website might be the most attractive website in the entire universe but what if your target users are dependent on their handsets and your website isn’t mobile friendly? Your creativity will get a big zero from your users then. Does that sound good? No, isn’t it? And, not just that, the need of having a responsive website is much more than that. Mobile-friendly websites are the need of the hour, with Search engines driving into mobile traffic. With huge number of mobile users increasing every minute, every website is targeting the mobile audience. So, let’s look at few reasons why building mobile and SEO friendly websites are important.

Enhanced Access

Having a responsive website built by a website design company improves the accessibility of your online business to the consumer. This, in turn, helps your business grow even in monetary terms.

Right Selection of e-Commerce Platform

With e-commerce growing rapidly, it is essential for online retailers to have the right technology to underpin their strategy. Each platform has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, but you need to select depending on what sort of functionality you would like for your top e-Commerce website.

Page Load Time

A heavy website with a lot of images and other dynamic content would load faster on a website however the same website when loaded on a mobile device might take more time to load. This could prove fatal to the online business as one might lose potential customers. Thus, building a mobile-optimized website would help your page to load faster.

Google Prefers Responsive Design 

Google prefers responsive design over separate mobile versions: mobile versions of a site with different URL, and different HTML for the main website. This difference makes it difficult for Google to index and rank the e-Commerce website in searches. Building a responsive site should make it easier for Google to find, index and crawl it on mobile.

Responsive Web design gives visitors a better experience of the website and hence is recommended by Google. If you are marketing your website to potential customers, user experience and user-friendliness will be something that you will value highly. Converting visitors can be difficult and hence one should maximize their chances of success by engaging users. If your target audience needs the same smooth experience on all devices, then responsive web design can be the best choice.

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