Custom Software/ERP Development

Implementation: AI, AR, and Beyond

we specialize in creating custom software solutions that are meticulously tailored to streamline your operations, engage your customers, and catapult your business into a future of endless possibilities.

Reach your business goals faster with custom software solutions. Primal Codes Technologies spend time understanding your business and its needs and looks for the best way to fulfill your goals. Our team will review your business and offer innovative ways to move your business closer to your goals.


We build custom websites that carry our mark of excellence and are in complete sync with your business

Benefits of Custom web development
  • Familiar interface to all employees
  • Multiple security options to improve the safety of your application
  • Multiple web hosting options, either on your own server or on our servers
  • Completely custom features & functionality
php Based CMS Development

We are masters of PHP and you can expect unmatched PHP based CMS development for your business.

We make complete use of this open-source scripting language to create lively web pages. Our experts follow proper documentation for every code and try to keep the codes simple as it proves to be time-saving.

WordPress Development

WordPress is a great CMS development platform and we are masters at open source CMS development using WordPress. We offer a customized website that you can maintain easily including its content, images, multimedia, and other crucial data.

Our programmers use WordPress themes, templates, modules and plug-in to improve your WordPress website.

This platform is acclaimed for its multitasking, spam resistance and easy to customize characteristics. We execute all these features appropriately.

Drupal Development

Drupal is one of the most flexible and sophisticated Content Management Systems (CMS) used by web developers all across the globe. It has completely revamped the way eCommerce business is carried out. At Primal Codes, we work with experienced Drupal professionals who create cutting-edge websites and web applications.

Our developers are competent enough to meet your Drupal web development needs as Drupal template, Drupal theme customization, Drupal customized modules and so on. We are specialized in a wide array of industry verticals catering to all kinds of start-ups, small and large businesses.

e-Commerce Development

Whether your company is launching its first website or already has an established online presence, the goals are the same: meet customer needs and grow the business. Success in a competitive environment requires a customized approach that leverages the latest technology to efficiently convert casual browsers into loyal customers. From the spanning architecture to functional navigation, Primal Codes digs deep to enhance every touchpoint, develop your connection with customers and realize your business potential.

  • Custom Product Catalogs
  • Efficient Smart Cart Shopping
  • Improved Business Management
  • Safe & Secure Checkout

We believe there never was a great time to have an online store. If you have an idea and want to turn it into an online store, we can help you do it. If you already have a store and want to upgrade it (design or technology or content, etc.) you can lean on to us.

Corporate Website Development

Your business needs a website. A compelling yet professional website – where you can tell the world about your business and its products and services in plain English.

A corporate website is your face in the digital world – and therefore, bringing such a website to life requires experience, expertise, energy, and resources. Equipped with the best and latest in web design and development, we, at Primal Codes, can help you build a presence online.

We’ve helped businesses from healthcare, hospitality, footwear, fashion, interiors, and many other industries get high-performance websites that help them set the ‘right image’ in-front-of their various stakeholders who access the site online.

Consulting Solutions

Our consulting solutions provide a comprehensive and effective communication platform between Doctors and people. Our experienced developers work on latest platforms and tools to build a website that offers enriching web experience to end-users.

Open source tools

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, CS-Cart


Codeignator, CakePHP



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These integrate all facets of an operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing processes, sales, and marketing.

Custom CRMs help businesses manage relationships with customers by storing information related to customer interactions, sales tracking, productivity, and more.

These are designed to automate complex, repetitive tasks within an organization's workflow to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Custom applications for education might include e-learning platforms, learning management systems (LMS), or virtual classrooms.

Tailored solutions that incorporate AI and machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics, automated decision-making, personalization, and other intelligent functions

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