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With a thought of helping people to be proactive, prepared, and protected when it comes to their health while traveling, Malabar Hospital came up with a solution- Majestic Malabar Tours & Health Care. Majestic Malabar looks up for your safe and healthy travel where you will be accompanied by a doctor throughout your trip. Majestic Malabar will help you plan and execute a safe and healthy trip in India. They will be your complete reliable travel and medical companion and assist you to choose and learn about your destination. Holidays are yours, Majestic Malabar will make them safe and healthy.


  • Just like the vastness of their idea, they needed a website which talks about their brand and vision.
  • A website which is easy to navigate & appeal to the visitors from across the world.
  • An information portal for travelholics who looks up for your safe and healthy travel
  • Highlighted services section to offer convenience to the users browse and know more.


  • Designed & developed a globally Accessible, Responsive & Dynamic Website
  • Incorporated a color scheme, typography and imagery which reinforces the services Majestic Malabar provides
  • Created a Content Management System which allows the management to upload pictures & videos on the website just on a click, without taking any programmer’s help

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