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We are excited to announce the launch of our new dealer management application for pre-owned luxury cars, developed specifically for BRD Luxe Thrissur, one of the best car dealers in India.

The application is designed to streamline and optimize the entire process of managing and selling pre-owned luxury cars. With features such as inventory management, evaluation process management, quality checking, and sales performance evaluation, it’s never been easier for BRD Luxe to manage their business.

One of the standout features of the application is the ability to book a car directly through the frontend website, making it easier for customers to browse and purchase the perfect pre-owned luxury car. The application also includes a comprehensive CRM system to help track and manage customer relationships and interactions.

Finally, the application includes a park and sales feature, allowing BRD Luxe to easily manage the sales process from start to finish.

We appreciate your interest in PRIMAL CODES Technologies for the development of the eCommerce website for RGECO Motors. We have carefully reviewed your requirements and are excited about the prospect of delivering a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.


Web based application for tracking the leads of the organisation and proper usage of communicate with different entities like

  • Salesman
  • Evaluator
  • Call Centre
  • Top level management

For the purpose of organisational growth and optimisation of resources.

This application will keep a record of each vehicle in the stock and what the evaluation data is and the details of the customer who is the present owner of the website.



Module and Functionality

  • Dashboard : There will be 3 types of dashboard associated with this project.
    • General Dashboard : Admin and managers will be using this dashboard. This dashboard will provide the information like - Todays Sales and evaluation, This week sales and evaluation and this month sales and evaluation. Graphical representation of Monthly sale, Monthly evaluation, Lead source and brand wise sale. Total number of stock and ageing stock will give the picture of stock and sales.
    • Evaluator Dashboard - This dashboard is designed only for the evaluators to get a quick look on what is today's task and what is my target to be explored in this month.
    • Sales Man: Exclusive dashboard for the salesman help his to see the quick information of his sales in the current month
  • Masters
    • Role : Deals with the list of features are available for a particular category of customer.
    • Brand - Master entry for creating brands
    • Model - Master entry for creating models under each brands
    • Color - Color master
    • Finance Providers - Here all finance provider data can be stored
    • User - Creating each user associated with this application. There will be fields like name, employee id, email, user roles, password, user type - Salesman, Evaluator, or general user. We can set targets for salesmen here.
    • Referral - this is the master we create for all Referral people associated with this application.
  • Lead - We will treat all the new requirements as lead. Normally a call centre staff or a receptionist will enter a new lead and will be assigned to an evaluator or a sales staff on the basis of the type of the lead. Then the lead has to be accepted by the particular staff before making an operation.
    • Schedule a call - Each call and meeting will be marked in this area so that a salesman or an evaluator will not miss any conversation with the customer and they can ensure the professionally of handling the most reputed customer. And a head can analyse the quality of effort a salesman or an evaluator putting on the lead which they are assigned.
    • Schedule a meeting
    • Notes - Notes can update each time you are contacting with customer
    • Log - Here all activities come. Like Call, Meeting information etc
  • Evaluations - Evaluation is the process where the quality vehicle is identifying and enter into our stock. There will be systematic step by step procedure to make sure the quality of each vehicle like
    • Vehicle information
    • Exterior evaluation
    • Road test
    • Price calculation
    • Different angle
  • Stock - Here all the stock of vehicle comes
  • Search vehicle - We can search all vehicle with different filters like
    • Brands
    • Model
    • Color
    • Fuel type
    • Price
    • KM
  • Hold - Prioritised customers will have the option for holding the vehicle from sales.
  • Sales - Here all sales records will be publishing
  • Payment - Customer payment for purchasing a car from BRD.
  • Reports - All sales and purchase related report will be shown here.
    • Sales report
    • Evaluation report
    • Lead report
    • Holding car report
    • Stock ageing report
    • Salesman closing vs lead report
    • Evaluator purchasing vs lead report




Overall, our dealer management application is an invaluable tool for any pre-owned luxury car dealership, and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to develop it for BRD Luxe Thrissur.

Project info
  • Release Date: April 11, 2022
  • Client: BRD Luxe - Thrissur
  • Category: webapp
  • Technology: python, django,
  • Link: https://brdluxe.com/
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