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MoMoOZ is more than a price comparison site. They are completely independent of the supermarkets, helping shoppers save on each grocery shop. The free to use site aims to help shoppers save money on their grocery shop. MoMoOZ is established in 2017, to provide shoppers with a wealth of information to make pricing, promotion and product information as transparent as possible for shoppers. As a consumer champion, they are proud to work for customers to ensure they get the best value for their household, on each and every shop.


MoMoOZ wanted a platform to manage a large number of products and product categories. Easy navigation for customers, as well as operational efficiency,  was their priority. Their aim is to achieve the highest position in the online grocery business. Team MoMoOZ wanted to improve the process they used to fulfill online orders, to drive more customer satisfaction, and also drive lower costs.

We developed a platform in which the store front end is responsive and is easily accessible for the latest Mobile Phones. It also has elegant navigation menus, user login/ register, search feature, promotional banners, properly sorted products into featured products, top-selling products, discount tags, SMS alerts, etc.


Primal Codes team committed for deadline and successfully delivered the MoMoOZ Online Supermarket website in the defined timeline. The client was satisfied with our services and the delivered product. The client also appreciated the team for a timely solution considering the date of launch.

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