AWP- Associated Workers Program

Associated Workers Program (AWP) is an app designed for Tile Workers, Plumbers, and Contractors in order to motivate and incentivize them. The app exclusively offers them rewards and discounts on the purchases they make. Associated Workers Program (AWP) has enriched features that allow users to Upload Bills, Check Reward History, Check Claimed Points History (Approved & Rejected Claims). The application is simple for customers to follow, easy to implement, and effective in bringing people back time and time again. 


Android APP :

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The principle behind the application is that products that customers regularly purchase on an ongoing basis – tiles, sanitary wares, etc – are easily converted into a source for points accumulation and rewards redemption. He who will upload the bills in the app will be eligible for rewards. With the help of the application, customers are encouraged to spend more on a daily basis as they know that they will earn reward points after that. 


Primal Codes Technologies has worked with Associated Workers Program, and we were able to build a successful loyalty program, that today counts members from contractors to tile workers and plumbers. We were able to introduce top-of-the-line loyalty features to the Loyalty Program, such as ensuring them that they receive reward points, letting them upload the bills of products purchased, check the claimed points history, etc and offer them something unique, that they cannot find at any other application. All in all, our project with the Associated Workers Program proved to be a valuable source of experience for both the Associated Workers Program and Primal Codes Technologies.

Ensure your customers keep coming back to you by intelligently rewarding them for the desired behavior. With Loyalty, engage & retain your customers with real-time, personalized rewards, etc. Does this case study convince you of the value of customer loyalty programs? Are you ready to create a customer loyalty program for your business?

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