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GDOT- Dealer Management App for myG Digitals


One of the frustrating experience some of us have had to contend with at one time or the other is seeing our expensive devices pack up without notice due to damage to its part. This understandably is a concern for many consumers when buying devices from shops or on e-commerce stores.

myG, the No1 mobile stores in Kerala has engaged Primal Codes, the best IT provider in Calicut to develop a Management Application in order to track and manage the GDP process. MyG found it a burden to manage its insurance processes in paper. So they came up with a thought of implementing an effective supporting technology for operating and managing the GDot application.

Now the GDP application of myG goes deeper than just as an insurance application by delivering improved processing technology that automatically aligns the application under an optimized end-to-end process. The application provides a strategic platform that enables more efficient operations to automate employee efficiency and enhance service experience.

Selecting the right approach for developing an application is highly important. An app should be developed keeping in mind its target users. Having a clear vision regarding the target group, enhance the success ratio of an app. myG had been running the gadget protection process manually for around a year, and the team had clear cut knowledge about the application. Hence the development of the management application turned out to be a pretty easy task for us.

Perhaps the biggest challenge IT companies face in application development initiatives, are sourcing the talent and maintaining a development team. But hunting for talents was not a part of our game, since Primal Codes already had a wonderful in house software development team.


  • Adapting to the day by day increase in the number of myG stores/selling points was actually the greatest challenge we had to face while developing the Gadget Protection Application.
  • We had to make instant connection with the top level managers to share sales reports. Since the team had a lot of travelling requirements, managing the same was indeed a difficult task.
  • Integrating with the accounting software that was already in use by myG
  • Keeping customers in the loop by informing them about their complaints has a much higher impact on your customer’s experience however was quite a difficult task.


Mobile app success is a journey, not a one-step process. In most cases, businesses strive over time to refine their mobile app to better meet the needs of their users and accomplish success. But being the best IT solutions provider we Primal Codes developed the app, making it successful in building excellent user experience and delivering real customer value at every step to drive. The app store reviews and bunch of positive ratings of myG have impressed the potential users and has given the app a competitive edge.

With millions of apps in the stores, breaking through the crowd and convincing a user to download is not such an easy task. We are proud that the Gadget Protection Application that Primal Codes has developed for myG is found to have 10,000 downloads and 4.9 star ratings.

Being the best IT provider in Calicut, Primal Codes specialises in highly complex long-term engagements. We are experts at managing efforts involving multiple systems, spanning multiple teams, multiple locations, and client organizations. We have built application management as a core competency through our dedicated team. We develop the best apps according to your needs and ensure the highest success rate for it after deployment. You simply have to contact us and we assure to bring you ahead of the curve!


Project info
  • Release Date: Dec. 17, 2017
  • Category: web & mobile application
  • Technology: php, react,
  • Link: http://www.gdot.in/

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