Why your website should have Terms & Conditions?

Terms and Conditions is a set of regulations which must be agreed by the users to follow before they can use the services or information provided on the website. You can say that these are the rules that should be followed by the user if they want to use the website.

Prevent Misuse

As Terms and Conditions is a legal agreement, you can take action against the user who is misusing or abusing the website by posting inappropriate content, or for harmful language

Right to Content

As you are the owner of the website, all the contents, logo and design belong to you except when the content is generated by the users on your website. So, the terms and conditions inform the users that the right on content belongs to the owner.

Creates Certainty

Oral contracts cannot be as certain as a written terms and conditions. In oral contract you may forget the terms that were agreed upon or there may be a difference on what was actually agreed. Terms and Conditions provide you certainty and evidence for all the important matters that were agreed and drafted by the lawyer.

Enforce Agreement

When the terms and conditions are properly drafted then you can take action against the customer who has breached the contract. It is easier to enforce agreement when it is written if you want to take legal action against customer.

Customer Service

A good customer service can be provided by applying consistently the terms and conditions to all customers. In addition to your protection, you can also include rights for customer to assure them of the services provided by us.

Prevents Legal Disputes

If the terms and conditions are properly drafted, with regards to the goods and services provided by you, then the chances of legal disputes are minimized as the customer will be advised by lawyer that they’ll have no chance of winning as the terms are clear on that matter.

Prevents Conflict Expectations

Terms and Conditions help you prevent conflict expectations of customers. If the customers’ expectation on the payment method of goods, delivery of goods doesn’t match with yours then conflict might arise. But if it is mentioned in terms and conditions then the customers will have a clear idea about it.


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