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Case Study: Ecommerce Project for Tiles and Sanitary Wares by Primal Codes Technologies

Project Overview:

Primal Codes Technologies was approached by a client to develop an ecommerce platform exclusively for tiles and sanitary wares. The client wanted to create a platform where architects could login and create projects, select different materials for each room, and generate a bill of quantities (BOQ) after selecting items. The client also wanted to allow the owners of the project to make payment for their projects on the platform.

The client wanted the platform to sell tiles, CP fittings, and bathroom fittings. The platform was to be called “”

Project Implementation:

Primal Codes Technologies worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and develop a plan for the project. The team began by designing the user interface for the platform, ensuring that it was easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Next, the team developed the functionality for architects to login and create projects. They were able to create different rooms within the project and select different materials for each room. The platform also allowed them to generate a BOQ after selecting items.

The team also implemented a payment gateway on the platform, allowing owners of the project to make payment for their projects. This was done using secure and reliable payment methods, ensuring that the financial transactions on the platform were safe and secure.

The team also worked on optimizing the platform for search engines, ensuring that it was easily discoverable by users looking for tiles and sanitary wares online.

Project Outcome:

The ecommerce platform developed by Primal Codes Technologies was a success. Architects were able to easily create projects and select materials for each room, and owners of the project were able to make payment for their projects securely on the platform. The platform also saw a significant increase in traffic and sales, thanks to the team’s efforts in optimizing it for search engines.

The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the project and has continued to work with Primal Codes Technologies for their future development needs.

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