Madhyamam Online Property Expo 2020

Madhyamam Online Property Expo is an online property show that happened in parallel with Come on Kerala Property Show held in Dubai.  Online Property Expo was intended to engage and connect buyers and vendors worldwide in real-time, under one virtual roof. The property expo was a platform, the industry has been crying out for, and Madhyamam had created this website, with a clear mission in mind: To be the go-to platform to empower Kerala’s decisions around property. The sophisticated, yet simple, property search platform has helped to make it easy for home hunters to find their dream home in just a few clicks.

Planning & Execution

  • Creating  Facebook & Instagram handle for the Expo
  • Creating Awareness via Ads & Creatives
  • Engaging with Eminent Personalities & Collecting Testimonials
  • Highlighting Builders through Creatives
  • Creating Promotional Videos
  • Driving Traffic to the Website & Facebook Page
  • Targeting to Specific Audiences
  • Driving Entries of Potential Buyers
  • Inviting Audiences to the Facebook Page

Objective & Approach

It is safe to say that whatever we did work, right?

But what?

It’s not as simple as many people may think.

It was the result of careful planning and past experiences.

Every business is indeed different, with different targets, audiences, etc. However, the core principle of social media marketing grabbing a prospect’s attention and building a relationship remains the same. We know this because we’ve implemented the same successful approach for a handful of clients.

Our main challenge here was to extend the positioning of the brand, ‘Madhyamam’ and it’s initiative ‘Online Property Expo’ on online media and create buzz. The best part is, Madhyamam Online Property Expo 2020 was able to achieve the result and reach and engage the exact target audience in under a month with our services! Which is ridiculously good.

Here’s a look at the screenshots that back up our results.


Social media management is a long-term business decision. The core benefit of social media management is building up awareness and engagement. This ultimately builds strong relationships with fans which influences their buying decisions. Of course, we recommend hiring us if you want to use an experienced team with a proven strategy that works.

If this sounds good to you then do contact us at 9020 48 6060 or and get started. It’s time to go social!!


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