Quick checklist and must do’s to starting an E-commerce Business

Most of the clients new to E-commerce sector simply want a fancy website that gets a lot of traffic and sells a lot of products. Every website owner need thatbut what do they actually need? When it comes to E-commerce there are few basic things that can throw a pretty big twist in the works. Addressed below are a few:

Define the Project

A successful website needs a good marketing strategy before getting started. Unfortunately many website owners choose to ignore this until they get stuck with no return on investment. Yes, so the first thing you need to determine before designing and developing your E-commerce website take time to understand who your customer is and what they want and what their problems, behaviors, and questions are.  This will pave way for higher sales and less deserted carts.

Mark the Benchmark

Put aside your ambitions and start focusing on the most practical sides of the E-commerce business plan first. E-commerce has advantage for your business to attract millions of customers, but also has a disadvantage to face thousands of other vendors selling similar products like yours online. E-commerce sites shouldn’t be a troublesome experience. You need to focus on certain elements that every E-commerce site should have to stay competitive and relevant by providing shopping categories, filters, and comparison capabilities.

Define the Right Audience

E-commerce is a broad area where you face vast selection of companies selling similar products like yours online every day even every minute. So, if you want to become successful in the E-commerce business, you need to develop strategies to define the right audience and attract their attention. Categorize your products for the type of businesses or people. Choose your customer and then ask yourself the following questions

  • What is their age?
  • What is their occupation?
  • What is their educational background?
  • What is their family situation?
  • What are their hobbies and interests?

After these answers, we will have wide options to focus our marketing attention. You also need to think about the name of your website, logo, design and layout. It should be something attractive, trendy and stylish. Consider that, if there are any some other interests that your target audience might have and make the website that is conventional and convenience of your end users. For example; if you are targeting to the Arabs choose a colorful and stand-out look, whereas if you are pinpointing to the western region choose vintage tones. Likewise designs should be appealing enough to take the audience by astonishment and inviting them to go for a try.

Currency Matters

While setting up an online store you need to consider in which currency you charge your customers. Either you accept only one currency or you offer your customers the opportunity to choose from different currencies.

Single Currency

  • Single Currency is easy set up
  • It allows anyone around the world to purchase – but in your currency.
  • Customer’s bank takes care of the currency conversion procedures

Multiple Currencies

  • Requires more administration
  • Customers can choose from a set of countries.
  • The website owner has to deal with multiple currencies.
  • Requires more administration – multiple payment gateways, multiple sets of prices, multiple sets of shipping options.

Location & Target Audience

Learn about the interest of your target audience and your target location. Your website is the place where customers will visit and explore product details and shop. The extent of your client base is what that defines the software of technology. If the client base is big, then you can require the help of applications which will be able to process at the same time a large number of traffic on the website. It will define technology which will be required to you, type of a network and the server, and also the experience of the team of developers.

Language for your E-commerce

Reaching as many customers as possible is the marketing goal of every E-commerce business. In this scenario, having a multilingual store has now become one of the major steps so as to expand client base, attract new users and giving your brand international exposure. Develop your E-commerce store in such a way that your store becomes accessible and understandable for thousands of people all over the globe. We build websites in the international language, English. But to capture the attention of non-English speakers we accommodate other languages too, like Malayalam, Arabic etc.

Likewise make sure to choose the appropriate programming languages for your Ecommerce development project. Each coding language has its specific strengths plus limitations, so the choice will ultimately come down to the project’s requirements and the programming expertise that’s available to you. Few programming languages and technologies that are best suited for building attractive Ecommerce solutions are:

  • Java
  • Java Script
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • Phython
  • CSS
  • MEAN
  • Ruby
  • Django

Choose the Best E-commerce Platform

Nowadays, there are lots of options to choose from when planning to build a mobile application for your E-commerce store. The most important part to attract your customer is the theme that you are using for your app store. Choose unique and advanced website, iOS and Android Mobile Apps solutions for your E-commerce store.

Transportation Practices

Offering the right shipping rates and options to your customers is crucial to your success as a retailer. It is the best steps you can take to grow your business online. It lets you ensure that everyone involved in this pipeline knows their part in the process and what’s going on. It has to be implemented in such a way that it makes both your margins and your customers happy.

Right Payment Partner

The payment process is what that puts the “commerce” in “e-commerce.” There are two kinds of payment systems that you should consider for your site: a payment processor and a payment gateway. Register with the payment gateway services such as PayPal, CCAvenue and PayU Money, so that your customers can make the payment online using credit card/ debit card or internet banking. It is best advised to choose a channel which they are comfortable with and it improves your website’s customer acquisition. Your E-commerce business will not happen unless you’ve got the payment processing figured out.

Effective E-commerce Shipping

Shipping plays an important role in successful E-commerce business. By figuring out how to streamline your shipping methods you can save time and money for both you and your customers. Not only that, but offering things like discounts or free shipping improves your rate of conversion significantly.

Choose the Best Identity

Choosing an online identity for your E-commerce business is the fun part for business owners. For that you need to start brainstorming words and phrases that say something about the products you’ll be selling, and words and phrases that mean something to you. Memorable domain names are often short and crisp. Try to avoid hyphens or numbers. The longer or more complicated the domain name, the less likely it is to stick. Choose the right domain name and you’ll make your online success that much easier. Always make sure to stay away from copyrighted domain names.

Smart & Appealing Logo

Most of the E-commerce products need to appeal to the heart not the brain until and unless yours is a very costly product. A smart and appealing logo can take you a long way and attract more customers. Logos are meant to be a quick, but full, representation of your brand. They can communicate a message about who you are, what you do, and what your values are. Clever and attractive designs and smart use of colors can truly create a lasting impression. When your logo becomes a familiar and trusted brand it can even shoot up your sales.

Discount & Rewards

Without any second thought if you want to make a customer to buy a product from your online store you need to provide offers and reward points. Who does not want to save money? All are curious for shopping deals and offers which give big savings. Discount Coupon codes/reward points play an important role in boosting sales for your E-commerce business. It surely attracts customers who interested in online shopping making people crazy about online shopping.

Single Vendor / Multiple Vendors

E-commerce marketplace is an ideal, efficient and cost-effective solution for such small vendors. Since the e-commerce marketplace has become a cost-effective solution, both single and multi-vendor is widespread. Whichever marketplace one chooses both has their benefits in their own rights. Single vendor is one where a single vendor sells their product to multiple customers. In single vendor, the administrators are the vendor themselves.

Multiple vendor marketplace is an online store that many sellers who have come together to sell their products, resulting in generating profit. Lots of transaction takes place between the sellers and customers and it helps the customers to select from a large variety of products. It is best advised to go with Multi-vendor marketplace than a single vendor marketplace as it has lots of scope in the E-commerce business. Multi vendor marketplace also helps business to reach to lots of potential customers as well as it improves the revenue of your business.

Importance of Blogging

Do you invest both your time and resources into driving more traffic to your e-commerce website—and a blog is one of the most effective free methods of doing so. Having blog posts drives traffic to your site because it improves Search Engine Optimization and converts visitors into customers. Adding a blog to your e-commerce site will drastically increase the amount of content your website contains. The more content you have, the more your website will index—and the more prospective clients will organically find their way to your website. For best results include keywords to your blog posts.

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