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At Primal Codes Technologies, we are proud to have developed Lexstays, a leading platform for booking holiday homes. Our team of skilled developers and designers worked closely with the Lexstays team to bring their vision to life, creating a user-friendly and efficient platform for travelers to find and book the perfect vacation rental.

Some key features of the Lexstays website include:

  • Room booking: With a wide range of holiday homes available, users can easily search and book their desired accommodation on the Lexstays platform.
  • Channel partner integration: Lexstays partners with a range of hotels and other accommodation providers, making it easy for users to find a wide range of options to suit their needs and budget.
  • Payment gateway: Users can easily make secure payments through the Lexstays website, using a variety of payment methods.
  • Listing rooms and hotels: Lexstays offers a comprehensive directory of holiday homes, making it easy for users to find the perfect place to stay.
  • Offers: Lexstays regularly offers promotions and discounts on bookings, helping users save money on their vacation rentals.
  • Promocode: Lexstays also offers promocodes for users to redeem on their bookings, further adding to the value and convenience of the platform.
  • Cutting edge technologies: The Lexstays website has been developed using the latest technologies and best practices, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.


Overall, the development of the Lexstays website has been a highly successful project for Primal Codes Technologies, and we are proud to have contributed to the growth and success of this exciting ecommerce platform.

Project info
  • Release Date: Nov. 13, 2023
  • Category: websites
  • Technology: django,
  • Link:
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