Case Studies

Revolutionizing Medical Education Management at Aster Mims Hospital

Aster Mims Hospital, a renowned healthcare provider, was determined to streamline the complete lifecycle management of DNB (Diplomate of National Board) students from registration to the issuance of No Objection Certificates upon course completion. This necessitated a robust, all-encompassing management system that could handle the intricate workflows of academic administration and student services within their medical training programs.

The hospital faced significant challenges in tracking and managing the myriad details associated with their trainees, including registration, academic progress, fee payments, and certification. The need for an intuitive, secure, and comprehensive system was imperative to replace the disparate and manual processes that were prone to errors and inefficiencies.
Solution by PRIMAL CODES Technologies:
PRIMAL CODES Technologies developed a sophisticated Academy Management Portal, a web application tailored to manage academic activities and archive trainee data securely. This solution provided a centralized platform for admins to update information and for faculty to access it, ensuring smooth operations across the board.
Key Features Delivered:

  • A full suite of admin features to manage roles, faculty, departments, and various academic activities.
  • An active semester/year tracking system along with detailed management of Wednesday presentations, exams, and batch activities.
  • Online fee payment integration for trainee convenience and financial management efficiency.
  • A library management system with automated reminders for thesis submissions and fee dues.
  • Comprehensive analytical and graphical reporting tools to visualize the organization's current trends and insights.

The implementation of the Academy Management Portal at Aster Mims Hospital significantly improved the management of DNB trainee activities. The administrative staff experienced a reduction in workload due to the automation of many previously manual tasks. Faculty and students benefited from the real-time access to necessary information and the ability to track academic progress, attendances, and exam results efficiently.
Faculty and Trainee Experience:
Faculty members now enjoy a streamlined view of batch-wise insights and can monitor activities, attendance, and exam results with ease, thanks to the portal's user-friendly interface. Trainees have access to a comprehensive dashboard where they can handle fee payments, track thesis submissions, and view their academic history, all facilitated by secure login credentials.
The Academy Management Portal developed by PRIMAL CODES Technologies became a cornerstone in Aster Mims Hospital's educational administration. By digitizing and automating complex processes, the portal not only enhanced the education management experience but also paved the way for a more focused and effective medical training environment.
Future Advancements:
With the success of the Academy Management Portal, PRIMAL CODES Technologies continues to support and update the system, ensuring that it evolves with the growing needs of Aster Mims Hospital, maintaining its status as a leading digital solution in healthcare education.

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