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Elevating Engagement with TP Group's Innovative Loyalty Program

TP Group, a conglomerate known for its expansive range of products, sought to enhance brand loyalty and reward the hardworking plumbers and tile workers who consistently choose their products. Recognizing the value of incentive-based marketing, TP Group aimed to develop an application that not only manages but also simplifies the rewards process for these tradespeople.

The primary challenges identified were:

  • Creating a centralized system for managing various incentive groups.
  • Associating multiple brands and products within the TP Group umbrella in a cohesive loyalty program.
  • Streamlining the process of invoice uploads for point accumulation.
  • Developing a user-friendly interface for participants to easily view and understand their points.
  • Incorporating a dynamic system for regularly updating offers and points.

The Solution:
PRIMAL CODES Technologies developed a comprehensive loyalty program application, designed to be intuitive and accessible for the target users - plumbers and tile workers. The application was structured around key functionalities:

  • Incentive Group Management: Allowing TP Group to categorize rewards based on specific groups, tailoring the program to various segments of their trade customer base.
  • Associated Brands/Products Integration: Facilitating the inclusion of an extensive catalog of TP Group's brands and products into the program, enabling participants to earn points across a broad product range.
  • Invoice Upload Feature: Simplifying the process for users to upload invoices, ensuring that their purchases are quickly converted into reward points.
  • My Points System: A real-time point tracking feature that allows users to view their accumulated points and understand how close they are to their next reward.
  • Offers/Points Updates: An agile backend system that enables TP Group to update offers, point values, and associated rewards, keeping the program dynamic and engaging.

Implementation & Impact:
Upon launching the loyalty program application, TP Group immediately began to see a positive impact:

  • Enhanced plumber and tile worker engagement, with an increase in brand loyalty.
  • Streamlined incentive management leading to operational efficiency.
  • Elevated satisfaction among tradespeople due to the transparent and straightforward rewards process.
  • A surge in product purchases tied directly to the incentive program.

The loyalty program application has become a cornerstone of TP Group's marketing and brand loyalty strategy. By investing in the rewards of their trade customers, they have not only increased sales but also built a community of dedicated brand ambassadors. PRIMAL CODES Technologies' solution has proven that a well-structured digital loyalty program can be a game-changer in the building materials industry.
Loyalty Rewarded, Loyalty Earned:
At PRIMAL CODES, we understand the power of appreciation. Our loyalty program solutions are crafted to create lasting connections and drive growth. Partner with us, and let's build a loyalty platform that turns every transaction into a token of gratitude and every customer into a lifelong ally.


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