Start a profitable e-Commerce Store with no product limits!!

The more products you choose to sell, the more work it takes for your business. Not only does it take more of your time, but it also requires more resources as well. This is because you must get these products merchandised online. As such, there’s no real “correct” number of products that’s right for everyone to have before launching their site. There are sites, who only sell one product on their site and sites like Amazon, Alibaba who sell everything under the sun. So, Depending on the kind of category you cater to its best to say, you can start with any number of products.

There is no limit on how many products you can sell when starting an online store. It will also depend on what business model and your target niche. You can start off with just 1 super unique product to any number of products. It should genuinely help people complete their task with ease or it should be a solution for a long time ignored problem then it’s going to be a super hit.  Few leading e-commerce websites that deals with single products are: etc.

If you build general and big stores, you possibly lose your advantage over giants like Amazon. Amazon offers everything – but the user experience is not tailored to a specific target group. So if you can really “touch” your target group by offering an exceptional experience in your specific niche, they may want to buy from you instead of Amazon or other big stores who just want to satisfy the masses. By focusing on just one product, you’ll be able to home in on the details that make it unique and interesting, without the noise of “options” and “variety” in your ear. You can focus on marketing, creative enhancements, attentive customer service, and you can do your one thing better than anyone else.

Determining Who Your Target Customer Is


This is really where all your business decisions should start. You can choose to see everyone as your potential customers or focus on a specific segment or group of people to be more effective. Grouping consumers allow you to identify which group is the most appropriate target for your products. Knowing your customer’s likes, needs, and wants helps you decide what to sell. If you have a retail store, then you should base your product choices on what sells in your stores.

Curation & Authority

Even though big e-commerce giants like Amazon exist, there definitely lies opportunities for your brand to become the authority in your area, vertical, or market. You don’t want to list thousands of products for sale on your site. Instead, scale everything down and simply offer only the best products so you become an authority in your niche. Don’t only offer items, but tell people why you’re listing these items. By doing so, people will come to your site when they don’t know what they want or need, which often occurs.

Be a Curator

You must grow your business by positioning yourself as the company people turn to when they want help choosing the best product for them. Establishing yourself in this way shows your customers that you really care about them, which means a great deal in today’s world when so many companies focus on quantity instead.

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