What should I look for when building my website?

What should I look for when building my website?


I have come across the biggest mistake people make when building their website for the first time, which is trying to do many things in their website without proper plan.

It ends up with endless list of things which you need and things you need to pay for.

Soon it makes overwhelmed and end up doing nothing

We faced many situations like this in the past with different clients and we learned that you should just get started with the bare basics to build a website, and add more features as your website grows.

Let’s consider this: If you enter a newly opened grocery store which provides lots of offer, we end up purchasing too much stuff which is on offer.

And sure enough, half of the stuff we bought we never use.
We thought only on the offer rather than what we need exactly

I’m sure this happens to everyone at some point, right?

Same way, how do you know what features and tool you will actually use for your very first website?
Our suggestion is to start to plan with a basic version of the website you need instead of thinking of competitors website.

Test to see what works and what doesn’t on your website with minimal time and cash investment.

9 Things You Need To Start a Website

1. Domain Name
2. Logo design
3. Website design
4. Website development
5. High quality images for the website
6. Website content
7. Business email address
8. Website hosting
9. Google analytics

Domain name

Domain name is the first thing needed when starting a website. Your domain name represents your brand and your identity.
You can purchase the domain names from any one of the popular domain sellers like GoDaddy

Logo design

Logo helps to create brand identity for your business. Logo can be designed in different ways based on the company.
Learn about logo and its purpose for your business; share your thoughts and ideas with the logo designer to get the untouched feel and experience.

Website design

Website design is the most important step to be taken care of. From choosing the color to what exactly need to be showcased in the home page should be planned and executed.

Two types of web designs are possible. One is customizing design and another is template designs. On your interest, you can choose which type you really need to make your website looks beautiful and attractive for your clients.
Website development

Do a small research on what type of frameworks, codes and languages are used by the developers. Ask them; what is the advantage and disadvantage of them before proceeding with the development.

There are many programming languages like Java, PHP, and Ruby on Rails etc. Each has unique advantage and disadvantage. Ask the developer to choose the appropriate one for your website which saves time and money. Example – for a simple corporate website Word press is much of enough, here we don’t want to go with ruby on rails unless you can spend more money.

High quality images for the website

Let me share you a secret to make an attractive website.

Yes, you guessed it right. Using high quality images and unique images. So finding professional image for your website can be a hurdle.

Don’t need to get worry; there are so many website which provides high quality images where you can find beautiful images for your business professionalism.

Some examples are

Website content

For many businesses, your website is the first impression on a customer. You need to make sure to give them what they’re looking for, and perhaps even give them a reason to keep coming back.

Fresh content is a golden mine for SEO, as well. You can keep your content from getting stale (and give your company some personality, too) by incorporating a regularly-updated blog or connecting in your social media feeds.

Business email address

People who are serious about their business should go for business email address. It increases the credibility. It is very easy and set up with Google G Suite. When your domain is ready, you buy business email address like example@domainname.com

Website Hosting

A host is the storage unit where your website content lives online.
When someone enters your website address, the browser will fetch your website content from the host.
The type of hosting you choose depends on how many visitors you have coming to your website.
The cost of your hosting will increase when more people visit your website as you will need to upgrade from basic to advanced hosting.

There are 4 types of web hosting
1. Dedicated hosting
2. VPS hosting
3. Shared hosting
4. Free hosting

Google Analytics

If you want to track down the visitor count, activities and their behavior you would need Google analytics. This helps to bring ambition of growing the number of visitors year after year.

You can find out how many people are on your website, which page they visit the most, how long they stay on each page, which page do they visit next, which page do most visitors exit, etc.

All such data can be used to help you understand your visitor better and know which pages you need to improve.

These points are true if you need a simple company website where you are not:
Selling anything online, or
Allowing your customers to make appointments online, or
Creating a paid membership website.


Written by

Mohammed Hussain – Business Analyst

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