What does your business needs? Website or Mobile app!

What does your business needs? Website or Mobile app!

This question rises for all entrepreneurs who start a new business. Whether company needs a website or mobile app. Expert says, both are necessarily equal. However, before evaluating the benefits of website vs app it’s important to understand your business requirements.

It may be a sagacious decision to go after one at a time. It is your perfect decision to choose which one first and this perfect decision depends on few factors like

1. Your business products or services
2. Latest industry trend
3. Budget
4. Customer focused

Which is Better – an App or a Website?

Website Mobile App
Excellent for giving more information as content Content is less
Forms the core of online identity Will be focused on app list and not entire web
Responsive design Works better on phones rather than computers
User engagement is slow Immediate engagement and focus on few functions

Website advantages

• Immediacy
• Compatibility
• Upgradability
• Findability
• Shareability
• A Mobile Website Can be an App – responsive website
• Time and Cost – affordable

Mobile app advantages

• Interactivity/Gaming
• Regular Usage/Personalization
• Complex Calculations or Reporting
• Native Functionality or Processing Required
• No connection Required

So, both are best in the market and which one to choose completely depends on your requirements.

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