Do we need a website?

Do we need a website?

So, we have a company!

What next? The first decisions after venturing into a new business are perhaps the most crucial. These decisions shape your business in the early stages. You have a name, you have a purpose, and perhaps you have a team and a space to start off. Of course, you need your customers and clientele. In today’s world, it has become easier yet all the more challenging and competitive exercise to reach to your target market. Everyone is shouting out loud from the rooftops of their private spaces of a not so private domain to have their voices heard. Social media is like a maze seen from an eagle’s eye view. A maze filled with cubicles of various sizes and buzzing with activities inside. One has to be unique and innovative to make the presence felt.

Websites are your business card in this clutter of other social media vehicles. No matter which social media you are present in, you would need an online home where your customers or prospects can land in. Often websites become a hub of your core online activities.
Having the first online presence through a website may be amongst the primary decisions that you would be taking in the initial stages of your business journey. Give it a thought. What are the things you need to think of before you make a decision about creating a new website?

Key decisions before creating a website
The name
The name of your website or the domain name as we know must correlate with your business name. You must not have Crouching Tiger Securities going for a domain name like Correlation to the business name is essential as the domain carries the traffic to your website. Visitors must connect and identify the business name with the domain name. Businesses with exact or relating domain names tend to be found more in the internet searches and in effect carry the browsing travelers on the internet to your business. It is easier said than done. Spending some moments on the domain search websites like GoDaddy and would reveal how arduous the effort is to find a matching domain name for a business. But alas, anagrams and abbreviations or a little quirky thought may give you the right domain for your business.

The .com confusion
We have been used to .com extension to a website so much that often we are unsatisfied if we are unable to find the right domain name ending with .com. Nowadays, there are customized TLDs(Top Level Domains) available to suit your businesses and country-specific TLDs available too apart from the traditional .org, .net, .biz. .co etc. Studies recently have shown that the concern regarding not having a .com domain name does not matter and affect the prospects of a business. Businesses can minimize these concerns by having a right targeted and search engine optimized content that can pull the traffic to the websites. Search engine algorithms are designed in such a way that they filter and find the key search words in the website content. If the website content is designed to bring up the right search keywords in these search engines, chances are that your website would rank higher in the search. In conclusion, in the modern times of SEO enabled web content and search relevant information, your business does not necessarily need a .com TLD. Spending enough time and effort on the website content may bring the right audience to your portal.

User Experience
Having a website is not merely enough. You would have to devote your time to raise the user experience value of the website. There are various kinds of design methods prevalent now, unlike a decade ago. Should you opt for a fixed design, go for a liquid or fluid design or a responsive design? These depend on your target market too. If you believe that most of your target audience may visit or use or website via computer only, you may be inclined to go for a fixed design where the page width, alignments and look does not change based on where it is viewed. Contrary to this, in a liquid or fluid design, these essentials change according to which kind of browser or screen width of the system the user is opting for. But the buzzword in the modern design is responsive where the website is pruned, shaped and customized according to the instrument the user is choosing. They are customized for desktops, laptops, tablet, and smartphones. Most of the businesses today occur via smartphones. So, a responsive design may be the right way to go.

Continuing with the user experience pointed out above, the overall aesthetics of the website is an essential element too. Today, basic website development has become easier than before with WordPress templates and Wix, ready to help users make websites without any coding knowledge. But, when it comes to developing a fully functional web portal for larger organizations and businesses, professional intervention from a good web design and development agency is essential. There are e-commerce companies coming into existence every day. These companies need e-commerce shopping cart portals that are highly responsive and dynamic in nature. With the growing competition in such businesses, the design needs to stand apart.
Slider images in the landing pages, intro video, grid formations in design, parallax design formats, animation backed background, Product UI, GIFS, Illustrations, Interactive pages, Live chat features, Infinite scrolling and others are some of the many successful experiments in web design and layout that have taken the aesthetic value of modern day website to a different level altogether.

Cost Factor
An important element of any web development decision for a business is the cost factor. There are businesses that end up paying a lot of money for miniscule of changes or additions to the website which yield no return. It is essential to understand what is the purpose of your business and how does the website help in your business. Maybe a very minimalist approach to the development of the website would be enough to attract your target user towards your business. Gone are the days when you were required to load your website with content, multiple downloadable pdf and declarations and white papers. Today, content has given way to copy and short copy content with importance on the user experience. Before you take a key decision on spending money on any elements in your website, think whether it is going to help build traffic or business in the future. Before going with an assumption of what may be the grey area in your website, you can rely on a good digital marketing firm to conduct a web audit. Web audits would reveal the discrepancies in the website with regard to their performance in the internet world and search engines.
Also, a website with relevant information, essential features, crisp content and an experience accordant with the users liking may be far more impactful than a technically advanced, innovatively designed and loud noised one.
A website is a key element in driving the businesses today. It is an essential tool to reach out to the mass and bring in traffic. Be it a small business or an established large corporation, website is your online home where you want your guests to find you and visit you, maybe every day. An early research and time spent would go a long way for the success of your business.




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