Domain Registration and Web Hosting


Domain Name is nothing but the name of your website. A domain name or website name is registered with an ICANN via approved domain registrars. Please note that a domain name should be renewed every year or you might lose the ownership. A domain name can be registered or renewed at a time for upto 10 years.

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Dedicated Managed Servers

Building a great website isn’t enough – it needs to be backed up with a great hosting service. And that’s what dedicated hosting is all about. Unlike shared hosting plans where your site is hosted along with many other sites, dedicated hosting ensures that your site runs on dedicated servers and thus delivers astounding performance and is highly safe against the hackers.

Cloud Hosting

Based on innovative technology, cloud hosting platform is a choice for businesses that want to step up from dedicated hosting. Cloud represents a never-before ease and scalability and security against the online attacks that have become rampant these days.

Shared Managed Hosting

Shared hosting is an economical way to get access to a great hosting for your website. Since several sites are hosted on the same server, one can get access to quality hosting without spending a fortune on it.

Shared managed hosting is ideal for blogs, portfolios, online stores and even the database-driven sites. With shared hosting, you can host your own websites, run a WordPress blog on it, host your design portal or hosting your client websites or build an ecommerce site. It’s a great choice for start-ups who need cost-effective tools to run a successful online business.

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